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4 Ways to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

Thursday, May 25, 2017
4 Ways to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

Divorce is never an easy road to travel. Even though emotions may be high and your relationship with your soon-to-be ex spouse is tense, mediation can help. Prepare for a collaborative and cooperative meeting with these tips to ease the process of mediation.

  1. Make Thorough Lists:

     Create a list of all your possessions and assets. Items on this list should include real property such as rental properties, your primary home and vacation homes. Personal property items may include jewelry and furniture as well as vehicles, boats, motor homes and motorcycles. Create a list that details your financial assets such as bank accounts, retirement plans, life insurance policies, credit cards and stocks.
  2. Gather Income Information:

     Bring proof of all income sources to your mediation session. Arm yourself witpay stubs, social security statements, profit and loss statements from stocks or self-employment and any payments made for alimony or child support.
  3. Detail Your Expenses: 

    Bring an outline of common expenses you incur such as mortgage payments, costs for health insurance, utilities, credit card statements and loan payments. Include household expenses such as food and routine maintenance.
  4. Create a Plan for Custody: 

    If you have children, comprise a plan for visitation or custody. Include your preferences on how financial, health and academic decisions regarding your children should be handled. Even if you are struggling emotionally due to the divorce, keep the best interests of your children in the forefront and your emotions in the background to reduce tension during mediation.

Finally, consult with your attorney to ensure you are fully prepared for mediation. This is where we can help. Contact us for a consultation to determine your best plan of action when facing a divorce.