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Child Support & Child Support Arrearages: Are You Behind On Your Child Support?

Thursday, September 15, 2016
Child Support & Child Support Arrearages: Are You Behind On Your Child Support?

We all understand how important it is for parents to support their children. However, there are times when the parent paying child support simply does not have enough money to pay for the full month.

Usually, the father is the parent paying child support. If the father is unable to pay child support, he can face jail time, he can have his driver's license suspended, and he will have to find additional funds to pay court fees and fines. If a father ever finds himself being arrested and put behind bars, professional assistance should be sought immediately.

A child support order and obligation cannot be changed unless it has been approved by a judge. A father cannot simply stop paying child support because he is not earning the same income as he was when he was ordered to pay child support. A judge will not care to hear about how you did not have enough money to make your child support payments for the month.

A father cannot justify non-payment of child support by attempting to prove a change in income. The court will want to know why you did not seek the assistance of the court to ask about changing the child support order.

If you can have a professional on your side, you may be able to convince the court to give you another chance to prove that you will do everything you can to make those payments that have not been paid. Contact us today if you need a consultation about your case.