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What Celebrity Child Support Payments Can Teach You 1/2

Saturday, January 02, 2016
What Celebrity Child Support Payments Can Teach You 1/2

The lives of celebrities are fun to follow and can even be informative sometimes. Here are some stars with hefty child support bills, and there are things Los Angeles residents can learn from these famous parents.

Artist's Fees

When it comes to former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, he probably makes more than most. This could be why his payments are $70,000 a month for his 11-year-old daughter whereas a comparatively less lucrative musician like 50 Cent pays $25,000 monthly.

What You Need To Know: The income of both parents is factored into calculations for child support. You might end up paying more if your ex has little or no income but you make a large salary.

Making Changes

Nas has had success in his rap career, but audiences may be more familiar with his ex-wife Kelis because it was impossible to avoid her "Milkshake" song. Nas was originally ordered to pay almost $50,000 but now pays $25,000 because he asked for a modification when he did not think he could keep affording those payments.

The Lesson: Asking for a child support modification is the right thing to do when you think an adjustment is necessary.

Follow The Rules

Charlie Sheen is not someone who is always known for sound judgement. He allegedly stopped making his $55,000 monthly payments to Denise Richards in 2014 for their two girls. Sheen claimed that Richards stopped letting him see his children.

The Lesson: It is important to abide by court orders until a modification is approved. When parents take matters into their own hands, a judge has to sort through the "he said, she said" while the children could be negatively affected by any fighting.

To figure out the best solution for your situation, you might need the help of a family law attorney. Contact uswhen considering matters of child support and child custody, and look for our next blog post with more advice and celebrity examples.