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Will Dating During a Divorce Affect My Case?

Thursday, July 20, 2017
Will Dating During a Divorce Affect My Case?

Depending on the nature of a marriage, getting a divorce may seem like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders rather than something to be sad about. However, while you may be excited to get out there and mingle with other singles, by dating during a divorce you may risk reaping some negative consequences.

One of your biggest concerns is that if you are dating while getting a divorce, it can look a lot like martial misconduct via adultery. If you were adulterous during your marriage and have a prenup that specifically has stipulations against that, it could drastically affect how much you get in a divorce settlement. However, even more, dangerous is the fact that openly flaunting your new relationship could give the court a biased against you, making favorable outcomes go more towards your ex-spouse.

Another thing to consider as well is how dating affects child custody. While the courts will always have the child's best interests in mind, when it comes to older children, they will also take their opinions on which parent they want to live with to heart as well. If you are already dating, it could make your child more uncomfortable with you and it can easily make them drift to their other parent.

While dating during a divorce is by no means illegal, you should definitely keep your relationship very low-key until the proceedings are over. If you are filing for divorce and are concerned about how your relationships might affect the many facets of the filing, contact us today. Divorces are messy, but at the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi, we try to make them go a little smoother.