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Family Law and Divorce: How to Navigate Your Children Through the Process

Friday, April 15, 2016
Family Law and Divorce: How to Navigate Your Children Through the Process

Divorce is never easy, no matter who is involved, but it’s especially difficult for children to go through. Parents think they’re protecting their children, but even with the best intentions, parents sometimes hurt the children in the process. Attorneys in the family law field see many cases of a family divided through the divorce process and want to provide you with the following tips when navigating through this most difficult time.  

Don’t Prevent Your Child from Seeing the Other Parent. No matter how much you hurt or how much you dislike your ex-spouse, never keep your children away from the other parent. It’s not fair to them and your children deserve to be a part of both parent’s lives.

Don’t Make Your Child Choose Between Parents. While custody battles can be painful to all parties involved, you should not put your children in the position of having to choose. The court will consider what’s in the best interest of the child, and the child may be asked (by the court or law guardian) who they prefer, but it’s best if you stay out of it by not pushing your child to pick one over the other.

Don’t Bad Mouth Your Ex in Front of Your Children. Your children will love your ex no matter what happens between the two of you. And just like you would not want your ex-spouse putting negative thoughts into your child’s head, you should show the same courtesy. Both you and your ex-spouse need to learn to co-parent for the benefit of the children.

Divorce brings forth a lot of emotions that can trigger feelings you never knew existed. But no matter what happens, you have children who love both of their parents, they depend on you both and want reassurance you love them as well. If you're going through a divorce and need help, contact us today. We will sit down with you, address your concerns, and give you guidance along the way.