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Family Law: Is Spousal Support Available If There are No Children?

Thursday, February 09, 2017
Family Law: Is Spousal Support Available If There are No Children?

Your husband decides to walk out of the marriage, and he has the only income that kept your home running smoothly? Depending on the state you live in, and how long you were in the marriage, you may be eligible for spousal support although there are no children from the marriage.

When a wife finds herself in a predicament where her husband walks out and cuts her off completely, ie. health care, bank accounts, etc., she needs to get help and apply for spousal support as soon as possible. There are laws that will help you acquire part of your husband's income for a couple of years or more if your health is waning or you are looking for employment but be prepared.

Make sure you have copies of the bills that are accumulating since he has left and you are aware of the income that he has taken from the home. Be prepared to bring with you to your first meeting any paperwork that you can think of; the marriage license, if you are in school or trying to find a job bring proof and a detailed letter telling the court what happened and what you need financially to keep your home in order.

There will be letters after he leaves if he cuts you off that come from the health insurance companies that say your insurance is discontinued, bring them with you. When the mail starts piling up, keep it all and make copies and bring it with you. This may be a trying time for you that drags you into a depression, but if you have been with your husband for over 10 years (in some states), you are eligible for help until you are able to get on your feet. Contact Family Law.

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