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Fathers And Child Support Payments: Can Your Payments Be Modified?

Thursday, December 29, 2016
Fathers And Child Support Payments: Can Your Payments Be Modified?

Child support is a legal obligation that can be paid by either the mother or the father, but mostly, fathers are the ones making child support payments because the majority of children are placed in the custody of their mothers.

There is a method that is used to calculate how much child support the father is responsible for paying. Children deserve to receive support from both parents, and it is important that children receive enough support.

Child support payments are not supposed to be used for the personal benefit of the parent who is receiving the child support, but unfortunately, some parents do not use child support payments to support the children.

When the courts calculate the child support amounts that are to be paid, there are several factors that are taken into consideration. Some of those factors are listed below:

  • The amount of time both parents have the children
  • School expenses
  • Cost of medical insurance
  • Cost of dental insurance
  • The income of the father and the mother

Sometimes fathers are given child support orders that they cannot always keep up with. If a father is not able to make child support payments, he should not stop making the payments that have been ordered. Modifying child support payments is possible, and the father should seek the assistance of the court if he can no longer make the child support payments.

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