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Father's Rights: Wage Garnishments

Friday, October 21, 2016
Father's Rights: Wage Garnishments

If you have obligations to pay child support, you will not be able to escape those obligations. One of the ways that courts make sure fathers pay child support is by wage garnishments. 

Many men want to know how the child support laws determine wage garnishments and how they handle the process. Some men make it known that they do not want to have their wages garnished because they want to avoid anyone else knowing things about their personal life. Some fathers do not think their paychecks can be garnished if they are not behind on their child support payments.

Wages can only be garnished if it was ordered by the court. It is very important to know that a paycheck is not the only thing that can be garnished. If there are any other sources of income that you have, those sources can also be garnished.

In some states, wage garnishments are automatic; other states do not automatically authorize garnishments from income. Wage garnishments will only be initiated when the person paying child support(usually the father) starts owing child support again.

When court proceedings take place, a variety of things will be taken into account, including the following:

  • The amount of money the father has paid previously
  • How much money both parents make
  • School expenses
  • The cost of medical insurance

Once it has been determined that the parent paying child support does owe more child support, a wage garnishment order can be sought.

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