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Four Tips For Reaching A Fair Child Custody Agreement

Thursday, September 22, 2016
Four Tips For Reaching A Fair Child Custody Agreement

When people get divorced, they are not only changing their life but their children’s lives too. Sometimes in the heat of the divorce, many parents forget that. They fight with their ex, sometimes just to get back at them, never once thinking about how the children are feeling. Their children can become just another piece of property to fight about.

Here are some tips to having a fair child custody agreement so that your children don’t suffer.

  • Think about your children. It is really important to be fair to them. They didn’t do anything for their whole life to change so you should try to maintain as much as you can.
  • If possible, allow them to continue to live in the home where they have always lived. There is such a change after divorce that if one of you is able to keep their home, you should do your best to do so. This also means that they won’t have to change schools and make new friends.
  • If not, try to keep them in the same school district. There is enough change going on so, if possible, you should allow your children to continue to go to school without interruption. They are happy there and they have friends around who can help them through this difficult time.
  • For child support, always remember that you need to help pay for your children. Many people don’t want to pay child support because they think that their ex will just spend it on themselves instead of the children. However, if done fairly, you should support your children so that they can continue to live the way that they used to, whether they are used to going out to eat once or twice a week or their organic food costs a little more.

Child custody can be really hard. Many parents fight and fight for their children, not thinking about their needs. They have so much change going on, they deserve to keep some things the same, like their home, school, and friends. They also should be able to live the way that they were used to, without worrying about money. A family lawyer will help you to make sure that your child custody arrangement is fair.

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