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Fathers' Rights: Finding Resolutions

Friday, January 29, 2016

His level of influence decreases because of the child's living arrangements. A direct positive influence creates success if the father and mother compromise on vital issues regarding child-rearing. The following issues arise throughout a child's life. They present conflict between mothers and fathers. The ability to reduce disagreements impacts the child's sense of security.

  • Education: The main goal of a parent is ensuring that their child gets quality education. Parents, whether together or separated, are responsible for their child to excel in school. When parents work with the child, as well as with each other, success is achievable. The father must attend parent teacher conferences and assist his child with homework, school projects, and after-school activities.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: If the mother and father are from different cultural backgrounds, have different religious observances, or come from different family structures, influences on parenting styles differ. For example, if the parents have a conflict in their level of religious practice, they need to discuss these differences thoroughly. The family make-up of the mother and father has a direct influence on their parenting. If one parent grows up with a single parent and the other raised by both parents, their approach to parenting is very different. Compromise is key.
  • Peer Pressure: When the father is not the custodial parent, the parents must agree to the same guidelines. Important conversations about sex and drug/alcohol use is essential. Both parents must create a safe haven for a child to express himself or herself. Puberty and adolescence are difficult stages.  Throughout these periods, both parents must support their child.

The father plays an integral role in his child's life. It is unfair to both the father and the child when access is denied and influence is limited. A parent's ability to compromise with the other parent is the most promising way to ensure their child's happiness and future.

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Make Sure That Your Father's Rights Aren't Violated

Friday, January 22, 2016

As the male parent, you might feel as if you are at a disadvantage in the court system in regards to your children. This can be true in many cases, but you should know that you have father's rights that should be abided by. If you feel that your father's rights are being violated, it is critical to seek legal assistance. Read More

Life isn't fair, but the law is. Fathers have rights!

Friday, December 11, 2015

As a father, you have the same parental rights as the mother of your child when it comes to divorce. The fact is, however, that neither parent's rights supersede the "best interest" of the child or children. Children need to have both parents equally involved in their lives. Read More

Father's Rights in the Divorce and Custody Process

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Unfortunately, divorce is all too common in modern society. The rate of divorce in the United State ranges from 25-50%, depending on the source of the information, but regardless of the exact number, divorce is always a traumatic and stressful event that can result in financial and emotional hardship. Read More

Myths and Facts About Father's Rights

Monday, November 30, 2015

It's been a long-held belief that there is a bias in the courts in favor of women, and that any mother who wants full custody of her children will easily get it.  Many states have been working to change this and to give equal protection to both parents.  Today, in the state of California, it is assumed that each parent has equal rights and responsibilities for the children.  Many fathers still worry about their rights in the case of a dispute, so here are various things that father's rights include. Read More

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