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Divorce Much More Likely When Wife Becomes Ill

Thursday, February 19, 2015

It’s a sad fact, but not so surprising. Marriages do tend to falter when one of the spouses fall sick, but when it is the wife who falls sick, the marriage is likely to be in much deeper trouble.

As it turns out, in sickness and in health is easier said than done. According to a new study by the Iowa State University, divorce rates spike when one of the spouses is diagnosed with a serious illness. The results of the study were published recently in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior. The researchers found that couples, in which the wife became sick had a 6% higher risk of divorce, compared to those in which she remained healthy, and the husband fell ill. In fact, when the husband fell sick, it did not increase the risk of divorce at all.

Earlier studies have indicated that marriage provides both physical as well as mental health benefits for both of the spouses. However, when a woman falls sick, she's in danger of losing both of those benefits. The reason for a higher divorce risk when the wife is sick, could possibly be that the wife is typically the caregiver of the family, and when she is sick, becomes dependent on others for her care. Being seriously sick, means the difference between being too ill to fix dinner, and having to actually be fed by a family member.

When a husband takes on the responsibility of caring for a sick wife, it seems to add an additional stress to the marriage, because he's also very often, the primary earning member of the family.

Divorce is a traumatic life event, and it is critical to get the right legal guidance during this period. Speak to a Los Angeles divorce lawyer and discuss your case.

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What to Do If You Believe Your Spouse Has Hidden Assets

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Concealing assets is an unethical and illegal activity, and a large number of spouses believe that they can conceal assets and get away with it. One of the biggest reasons why spouses believe that they can get away with it is because the other spouse is typically unaware of these assets within the marriage, and fails to take legal action to discover or identify hidden assets.

If you are a woman currently going through a divorce, be alert and look for clues that your spouse has hidden assets that he does not want to put up for division. This very often happens in many marriages in which the financial situation is very complex. A modern financial portfolio, for instance, could include not just a home, but also retirement plans, investment plans, pension plans, vacation rentals, bank accounts, and other assets.

In many marriages, one person will handle most of these financial matters, while the other will take a backseat. During the divorce, the spouse who takes the back seat is at a major disadvantage because she has very little information about the assets in the marriage.

There's one very clear red flag that you can use to identify whether your spouse is concealing assets. Get help from a divorce lawyer to make a complete analysis of your lifestyle. If you find that your monthly expenses are far higher than your known sources of income, then that could definitely be an indication that there are unknown sources of income funding your lifestyle that you know nothing about.

To understand more about how you can locate hidden assets, and safeguard your financial future, speak to a Los Angeles divorce lawyer.

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High Age Gap Increases Risk of Divorce

Friday, January 23, 2015

According to a new study, when spouses have a minimum age gap of 10 years between them, they have a higher risk of divorce. The divorce risk was 39% higher, compared to spouses that had a lower age gap between them.

The intriguing results of the study were released recently, and do not act as evidence that a higher age gap automatically translates into a higher risk of divorce. However, the researchers draw attention to the fact that when there is a large age gap between the spouses, that could cause friction, especially when it comes to communication. An older spouse is much more likely to deal with life events very differently, and deal with life's problems in a different manner. A younger spouse could be more impulsive, and more likely to act in the heat of the moment. That could possibly lay the groundwork for marital friction.

According to the researchers, these age-related problems can be handled appropriately right before the marriage. Talk about your age difference before you get married, and whether you believe or fear that it could be a problem after you are married. For instance, if your partner is much older, he may not want children while you do, and such differences are definitely deal breakers.

Also prepare for the fact that other people will have a lot of snarky comments to pass about the two of you. Understand this, accept it, and decide that you will not let it affect you.

Never use your age as an excuse for any marital troubles - you may find that your age was never a problem, but you made it one.

If you are considering divorce, it's important to get legal guidance immediately. Speak to a Los Angeles divorce lawyer about your legal options.

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The Effect of Divorce on Children

Saturday, January 03, 2015

It is a controversial issue, and there have been conflicting studies on it over the years. However, one thing seems to be quite clear. Divorce no longer guarantees a long term impact in a child's future emotional psychological health.

In other words, if you are a parent considering divorce, there is no reason to believe that with cooperation between you and you and your ex-spouse, you will not be able to help your children deal with the parental separation appropriately. In the past, the myth of children dealing badly with parental divorce, and suffering the long-term emotional fallout of the parental divorce, was widely accepted as fact. Such an impact was possible in the past, because for decades, divorce was looked down upon, and children were stigmatized for being from a broken home. Children of divorced parents found it difficult to blend into social groups.

However in 2014, close to 50% of all American marriages end in divorce, and children of divorced families are not social outcasts, like they would have been a few decades ago. That has contributed to a greater ability go on with their lives normally.

In fact, some studies have shown that the other extreme is true - children whose parents are divorced, seem to not just adjust well, but also show a slightly greater amount of social and emotional adjustment in their adult lives compared to children from intact families.

The one thing that many child psychologists and marriage therapists however agree on is that you should never avoid a divorce for the sake of the children. In the long run, your children will be better off with parents who are divorced and respectful to each other, than living together in an acrimonious marriage.

To discuss child support, alimony, child custody and other matters related to your divorce, speak to a Los Angeles divorce lawyer.

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Mistakes Fathers Make during a Divorce

Thursday, December 11, 2014

One of the biggest mistakes fathers make in a child custody dispute is to simply assume that the mother has full rights to the custody of the child.

California courts do not take into account the gender of the parent, but make a decision on child custody based on the child's best interests. A father may be just as eligible for custody, if he can prove to the court that he can provide a healthy environment for a child.

Often, fathers simply sign away their rights to the primary custody of their child to the mothers, either under a burden of guilt over the divorce, or because of a misunderstanding that the mother is entitled to the custody of the children. You can pursue custody of your child, even though the system does have some bias against fathers. If you believe that you have absolutely no right to the custody of your child, and have no chance of winning a custody battle, you may be wrong.

However, another mistake could be to pursue a child custody battle too far. If you have an attorney who advises you to pursue litigation at all costs, including the cost of your children’s happiness, then it may be time for you to seek another Los Angeles divorce lawyer. Over litigating is not just traumatic for your children, and for you, but it could also destroy your credibility in the eyes of the court. The court may not look too kindly on a father who insists on litigating every step of the way, even when it is clear that it is time to stop.

In many cases, such behavior by fathers is the result of a bruised ego. When it comes to child custody, it is important to keep your ego aside, and take decisions that protect your rights as a father, while making sure that your children are happy.

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Social Media, Networking Linked to Marital Unhappiness, Divorce

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Social media and networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are increasing the risk of divorce among married couples. According to one study that was conducted by Boston University, social media use not just increases divorce risks, but also decreases the quality of the marriage.

The researchers do not say that social media is solely to blame for troubled marriages, but suggest that there is an association between increased social media use by couples, and unhappy marriages. Part of the reason for this is that couples now find themselves competing for attention from their spouses, not with another person, but with their smart phone.

It could also be that many social media sites like Facebook as well as instant messaging apps that run on smart phones, allow people to cheat on their partners without the fear of being caught. One study in Italy recently found that as many as 40% of Italian divorces that were based adultery, blamed relationships that were conducted on the instant messaging service Whatsapp for the divorce.

There's no denying that the explosion of social media, smartphone technology, and increased connectivity that people now have at their fingertips allows people to conduct affairs with greater secrecy than they could before. Social media also seems to be where people who are already in troubled unhappy marriages, go to find themselves. That message in your inbox from an ex-boyfriend could seem exciting, when your own marriage is in the doldrums. From there to having an affair is not such a major leap forward, and Facebook and other related media make it easy for people to conduct relationships like this.

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Preparing for Divorce over the Holidays

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Many couples whose marriage is in trouble postpone their divorce plans until after the holidays. These couples don't want to jeopardize their children's holiday celebrations by breaking the bad news of an impending divorce. In other cases, persons simply want to enjoy the holidays, without worrying about alimony, and child custody matters.

That's the reason why the month of January sees more numbers of divorce filings than any other time of the year. However that doesn't mean that you don't have to take any prep action prior to filing divorce papers in January.

You can use the holiday season to make an inventory of all assets. Include all of the assets that you own separately, and those that you purchased after the marriage. Also include those assets that you inherited, or received as gifts, after you got married. California is a community property state, and your assets will be up for division during the divorce.

Speak to a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles about how you can begin laying down the groundwork for the division of assets. Make an inventory of all your debts and your wife’s debts. The court will split not only your assets, but also your liabilities. That means that you may be responsible for half of your wife’s debt, even if you had nothing to do with it.

Get a complete picture of your wife's debts and liabilities. See full disclosure, and obtain all financial records, joint credit card statements, joint bank statements and other documentation. Get your own bank accounts, and credit card accounts.

You want to be financially prepared before you take the final step forward in January. Speak to a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles about how you can accomplish this.

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