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Why You Need To Fight For Your Children as a Father

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Why You Need To Fight For Your Children as a Father

Though times are changing, many fathers lose custody of their children. Courts want to keep children with their mother, even if that is not best for them. If you are a father, you need to fight for your children. You do have rights and, if you are able to care for your children better, they deserve to spend time with you.

Here are some reasons why you need to fight to stay in your children’s lives.

  • Studies show that children who don’t have their fathers around are more likely to use drugs. Drugs are everywhere and children without a strong support system are more likely to get caught up in drug use.
  • They are also more likely to skip school, do poorly, and even drop out all together. Often, children who don’t have parents who are in their life feel like they are worthless and their future is not important. What starts as a few days off eventually turns into dropping out completely.
  • Children without a strong father figure don’t know how to treat women properly. They are more likely to abuse their girlfriends, wives, and even children.
  • Children without fathers are more likely to commit crimes, including murder. This usually starts out with drug use. Due to the expense, many turn to stealing and other crimes to pay for their habit.

Your children need you in their life to ensure that they grow up to be good people who have a chance to have a successful life. Children need both their mothers and fathers to show them how to behave and live in our world. Don’t give up on your children, they need you.

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