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Determining the Amount of Child Support Arrears

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Have you recently learned of a pending driver's or business license suspension due to back-due child support? Have your wages been garnished or have you encountered other problems related to unpaid child support payments? Do you believe that your child support arrearage has been incorrectly calculated?

If you need a Los Angeles fathers' rights attorney, call 310-207-4005 for a free consultation with an attorney who has more than a decade of experience focused on this specific area of the law. Los Angeles Fathers' Rights Attorney Elena Mebtahi will answer your questions, offer you guidance and be your legal advocate throughout your child support challenges.

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Wherever you live, the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi can explain your legal options and represent you in resolving the problems with your child support payments. We know how to accurately determine your support arrears, correct any errors and provide counsel on other actions that can be taken. You do not need to face your legal challenges alone.

The penalties associated with not paying child support obligations are severe. Fathers who learn they owe child support arrearages are often shocked by the amount, in part because they did not expect the huge interest amount. Here are a few factors to be aware of:

  • Child support accrues 10 percent interest. For example, if you have a support arrearage stretching back 10 years, the amount you originally owed has nearly doubled.
  • In cases involving improper service — meaning proper legal procedures were not followed in notifying you about your child support obligations —an unfair, unrealistic or simply incorrect order may have been entered.
  • If you have made payments directly to the mother of your child, she may not have properly reported those payments, so you may not have been credited for them.
  • Many of the most severe penalties can be avoided with an experienced attorney on your side.

If you are facing a substantial obligation now — whether because of errors or because you simply could not make the payments at the time, there are legal options including:

  • Verifying whether you were properly served with the notice of your obligation
  • Resolving any questions regarding the paternity of the child
  • Conducting a full determination of support arrears if you have reason to believe the amount you are said to owe is incorrect

Conclusive determination of your child support arrears will help you know where you stand and what you need to do to get your life back on track. Attorney Elena Mebtahi can help you confront your child support arrears issues and help you explore your options while she protects your best interests.

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From start to finish, she and her team were responsive. We were a bit apprehensive in the beginning since the case orginated out of California, thus requiring us to hire an attorney from there (even though we live in Missouri). Communication and trust were key since we relied on her to respond to all of our inquiries via phone and email, and trust that the money we authorized to be debited from our credit/debit cards would not be spent in vain.

For this reason, we highly recommend her services for any child support case that needs to be modified. Her professionalism, flexibility and attention to detail added to the successful outcome and we greatly appreciate working with someone of her knowledge and expertise.

Elena is the truth and definitely our California attorney!”