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Driver's License Holds and Suspensions

Mebtahi Law Focuses on Driver's License Problems

Los Angeles Attorney Elena Mebtahi has a very refined legal focus. She works with clients whose legal challenges involve driver's license holds, suspensions, warrants for failure to appear and father's rights issues. Very often our firm's clients are fathers who have had their licenses suspended because they have unpaid child support. Other clients have been unable to renew their licenses because they have driver's license holds resulting from unpaid traffic tickets or failed to complete court ordered programs related to DUI probation, for instance. These legal challenges require an experienced attorney.

At the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi, we have the experience and the resources needed to release your driver's license holds pursuant to a failure to appear in Los Angeles and all of Southern California jurisdictions. Call 310-207-4005 for a free consultation with a highly experienced defense attorney who focuses on a very niche and complex area of the law.

Reasons why your California License May Be in Jeopardy

In California, a driver's license hold may be imposed for several reasons. Getting a hold removed or avoiding a driver's license suspension will require different legal strategies and tactics that are tailored for your particular situation. Whatever challenge you may face, Los Angeles Attorney Elena Mebtahi has answers to your questions and can represent you in Los Angeles even if you reside outside of the area. She offers skilled representation to help you overcome issues such as:

  • Driver's license suspension as the result of a failure to appear on a driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Driver's license hold as a result of a failure to appear
  • Driver's license hold as a result of unpaid traffic tickets
  • Commercial driver's license tickets that may jeopardize your job

You may be unaware that a hold has been placed on your driver's license until you try to renew your license, try to obtain car insurance, or are stopped by police for suspicion of a moving violation. If you have had a hold placed on your driver's license, attorneys at the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi will be able to help. We offer free consultations and will provide clear answers to your questions.

What We Do

What Our Clients Say

“I contacted Elena Mebtahi's office in desperate need of help in a child support issue. I was wrongly accused of not taking care of my kids. The mother wanted me to lose my license and go to jail and pay a very large amount of back child support. Elena Mebtahi took on my case and made me feel at ease when we went to court. All charges were dropped, I have my license back and my life is now without worries. I recommend all fathers who have been wrongly accused of child support issues contact Elena Mebtahi You won't be disappointed. ”