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Driver's License Suspension with Child Support Arrears

Reinstating your Suspended Driver’s License and Business Licenses

Many fathers with child support obligations fall behind on payments. No matter the reason for falling behind, if child support is late, the consequences can be extremely serious. Child support arrears can lead to:

  • A warrant for your arrest
  • Civil fines
  • Driver's license suspension
  • Garnished wages
  • Professional business license suspension

Losing a driver's license can be inconvenient but it can be more. If your livelihood and career depend on being able to drive, your income may be significantly impacted. Contact the Elena Mebtahi Law Firm for a free case analysis involving your driver's license suspension with child support arrears. Our father's rights attorney will use her considerable experience to offer you guidance and practical advice. She will also aggressively argue to have your license reinstated.

Do Not Wait to Call a Lawyer

If you are behind on your child support payments, do not wait to call a lawyer. Many of our clients turn to us after falling behind significantly on support payments. Of course we can still help minimize the damage and use multiple legal strategies to avoid the most serious consequences of child support arrears, but the sooner we become your legal allies, the more protection we can provide.

If you have received a DMV notice that your driver's or professional license will be suspended because your child support payments are in arrears, you must act now. Whether you are in Los Angeles or from outside of California, the legal consequences of child support arrears can follow you.

At our Los Angeles law office, we help clients nationwide deal with California legal issues. We can often resolve problems with child support and suspended driver's and business licenses without requiring our clients to travel or appear in court.

We may be able to determine that you were not properly informed of your child support obligations or that the support arrangement is unfair or unrealistic. No matter the reasons you have fallen behind on your payments, the court may impose harsh penalties unless you take action. Protect your rights with a very experienced attorney on your side who focuses on this complex area of the law.

What We Do

What Our Clients Say

“Attorney Mebtahi is no doubt the best!!!

My husband and I secured her for a bogus child support case he had from a previous marriage, and she saved us a total of $92(k).

From start to finish, she and her team were responsive. We were a bit apprehensive in the beginning since the case orginated out of California, thus requiring us to hire an attorney from there (even though we live in Missouri). Communication and trust were key since we relied on her to respond to all of our inquiries via phone and email, and trust that the money we authorized to be debited from our credit/debit cards would not be spent in vain.

For this reason, we highly recommend her services for any child support case that needs to be modified. Her professionalism, flexibility and attention to detail added to the successful outcome and we greatly appreciate working with someone of her knowledge and expertise.

Elena is the truth and definitely our California attorney!”