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Whether you have been unpleasantly surprised to learn you owe unpaid child support or you have been unable to pay your child support payments and are now facing serious consequences, attorney Elena Mebtahi can help.

Our Los Angeles, California, law firm works for clients nationwide who need to resolve back-due child support arrears in the Los Angeles area. Our office also handles traffic tickets, failure to appear in court, warrants, suspension of your driver's license because of too many points on your DMV record, DUI, and other criminal defense, including juvenile cases.

Never ignore child support arrearages or unpaid traffic citations — the legal consequences can be severe. For a free initial consultation, please call 310-207-4005 or e-mail us now.

Fighting for Fathers' Rights

Experienced, action-oriented lawyer Elena Mebtahi can defend your fathers' rights and help you deal with California child support arrearages, regardless of where you live. We focus on resolving a variety of issues for our clients:

  • Consequences that may include wage garnishment, levies on your bank accounts, withholding of your tax refunds and driver's license suspension, interception of your tax return and suspension of your passport
  • Concerns you may have about paternity, such as whether you are in fact the father of the child you are under an order to support or if you have not been properly notified before an order for child support has been effectuated against you
  • Credits: If the child has been living with you while child support has been accruing against you, some back child support may be forgiven.
  • Questions about your total child support arrears amount, and clarifying that unpaid support accrues interest at a very high rate
  • Advocacy: Helping you get a visitation or joint custody order that grants you the right to visit your children, and as a result to reduce your support obligation
  • Modifications: If you are not making as much money as you were when the child support order was issued against you, you may be able to get the order modified. We advise you on your legal options and take action for the modification of a child support order that is unmanageable or unjust according to the current living conditions of yourself or the child's mother.

Resolving Traffic Violations, License Suspensions and Arrest Warrants

We help people nationwide, including commercial drivers who received several traffic violations in the Los Angeles area but could not appear in court. Ms. Mebtahi will take strong local, legal action on your behalf to minimize or reverse further consequences like:

  • Suspension of your driver's license
  • Points on your driver's license
  • Warrants for your arrest due to unpaid traffic tickets and your failure to appear in court

Other Legal Services

  • Family law: We provide family law services to men and women in the areas of simple uncontested divorce, child custody and support issues, and other family law.
  • Criminal defense: We provide aggressive defense representation in cases involving theft, traffic violations, suspended driver's license issues, and juvenile defense.
  • DUI: We have extensive experience representing Los Angeles area clients who are facing serious criminal charges for drunk driving, including clients facing repeat DUI charges.

Please contact us today for a free consultation — before your legal problems become more severe and more difficult to resolve. Do not be concerned if you live outside the Los Angeles area. We achieve favorable outcomes interstate for many non-resident clients without requiring them to even be present in Los Angeles.

What We Do

What Our Clients Say

“Ms. Mebtahi helped me with a child support case and I was extremely happy with her services. Aside from the fact that she delivered exactly what she had promised me, what impressed me the most about Ms. Mebtahi was her character and personality. Ms. Mebtahi was very friendly, sweet, and caring. It was interesting to see that when we went to the LA Child Support Department how accepting and respected she was amongst all other attorneys and the judge and everyone seemed to know her. It was very clear that Ms. Mebtahi has a very good reputation with her colleagues and that was quite impressive to me. Overall, Ms. Mebtahi was very educated about the child support laws and regulations. She seemed like she knew exactly what she was doing at all times, was very professional and also did not make false promises to me just to get my business, which was very important to me. Very satisfied with Ms. Mebtahi's work and would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.”