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If you are the father of a child living in southern California and you live in L.A. or outside of the state you have a legal right to visit your child. This means that you do not have to be at the mercy of the child’s mother to be able to visit your child. You have the right to go to court and obtain a visitation schedule. Child support payments is not a prerequisite to visit your children.

You also have a right to see your child despite the fact that you are behind on your child support payments. Do not let the mother control or get in the way of your relationship and visitation with your children. Please contact the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi for help in exercising your visitation rights or resolving other child support problems in divorce.

Know Your Fundamental Parental Rights

Your right to visitation with your child is not dependent on your payment of child support, although owing child support in arrears may result in many other adverse consequences. Many fathers incorrectly believe they are at the mercy of the mother's will and discretion when it comes to visitation. You have a right to visitation, and lawyer Elena Mebtahi can help you exercise that right. Keep in mind that your child’s mother withholding visitation time from you does not give you the right to stop paying child support.

For many fathers, the most important reason for establishing visitation time is to create a bond with their child. This can be beneficial for everyone involved, and our law office is dedicated to taking legal action that makes it possible to help you establish child custody and visitation arrangements that would work for you, such as variations of the following types of custody:

  • Joint legal custody
  • Primary custody
  • Visitation rights
  • Parenting time arrangements

As a strong father's rights advocate, our firm understands that father's rights are often underappreciated. A failure to pay child support should never prevent you from spending time with your children. Understanding your rights is important to child support lawyer Elena Mebtahi.

Family law attorney Elena Mebtahi is skilled at helping your family establish child custody and visitation arrangements and parenting time agreements that suit the needs of your unique family.

Visitation Can Reduce Your Child Support Amount

In addition, establishing visitation and following through by spending substantial time with your child may significantly reduce your child support obligation. If you have no visitation at all, your monthly payments may be much greater than if you had any visitation time with your children.

We have the legal knowledge and experience to help you secure your child custody and visitation rights. For most services we charge flat fees, but also offer affordable hourly rates. In a free initial consultation, we can help you understand your options, set realistic expectations and form an action plan. Please call us at 310-207-4005 or contact the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi today. We also offer payment plans.

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“I contacted Elena Mebtahi's office in desperate need of help in a child support issue. I was wrongly accused of not taking care of my kids. The mother wanted me to lose my license and go to jail and pay a very large amount of back child support. Elena Mebtahi took on my case and made me feel at ease when we went to court. All charges were dropped, I have my license back and my life is now without worries. I recommend all fathers who have been wrongly accused of child support issues contact Elena Mebtahi You won't be disappointed. ”