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Are you a Commercial Driver with Legal Challenges?

If you are seeking a Los Angeles commercial driver defense attorney, you may be facing unpaid tickets, DUI charges, a serious moving violation charge or other issues that put your commercial license at risk. Los Angeles Commercial Driver Defense Attorney Elena Mebtahi represents commercial drivers from throughout California, throughout the United States and from throughout the world who face legal challenges in Los Angeles. Call 310-207-4005 immediately if you are a commercial driver with traffic violations or other legal challenges.

While legal challenges are a burden for anyone, if you are a commercial driver, your career may be at risk due to legal struggles. By having Los Angeles Commercial Driver Defense Attorney Elena Mebtahi on your side, you will have an experienced and knowledgeable defense lawyer with very refined skills. Not all Los Angeles defense attorneys have the same level of experience with commercial driver's license defense. Elena Mebtahi's very focused legal background works to the great advantage of her clients who are commercial drivers. Los Angeles Commercial Driver Defense Attorney Elena Mebtahi has more than a decade of experience with the California Vehicle Code and the California Penal Code as they relate to commercial drivers in Los Angeles. She has represented many commercial drivers with the most complex legal struggles.

Whether you are a Los Angeles-area driver or you are a truck driver from out-of-state, your legal difficulties in California can jeopardize your commercial driver's license. But there are alternatives to losing your license. Call Los Angeles Commercial Driver Defense Attorney Elena Mebtahi now to discuss the specifics of your case and learn how you may be able to minimize or eliminate the threat of the most serious penalties.

An Attorney who Knows how to Fight for you

Many drivers in California who face traffic tickets, DUI charges, failure to appears, or outstanding warrants can pay a fine, attend traffic school or even spend a short amount of time in jail and move on with their lives. For commercial drivers, however, the complexities are more dramatic and the stakes are higher. Los Angeles Commercial Driver Defense Attorney Elena Mebtahi understands this and will devote her resources, experience and time to the defense of your license. There is no need to struggle with the stress and anxiety that such legal issues can pose for commercial drivers. By having an experienced and proven attorney on your side, you can obtain the peace of mind and legal defense that you deserve.

Because your commercial driver's license is necessary for your livelihood, call on a Los Angeles defense attorney who is familiar with a wide variety of strategies to defend your rights. No matter how challenging your situation may appear, Los Angeles Commercial Driver Defense Attorney Elena Mebtahi has the skill, the experience and the resources to offer hope and practical solutions.

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“I contacted Elena Mebtahi's office in desperate need of help in a child support issue. I was wrongly accused of not taking care of my kids. The mother wanted me to lose my license and go to jail and pay a very large amount of back child support. Elena Mebtahi took on my case and made me feel at ease when we went to court. All charges were dropped, I have my license back and my life is now without worries. I recommend all fathers who have been wrongly accused of child support issues contact Elena Mebtahi You won't be disappointed. ”