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Los Angeles divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi are prepared no matter what challenges you face in your divorce. Because California is a ‘no fault state’ regarding divorce, either spouse can file for “dissolution of marriage” or ‘legal separation’ without showing any fault on behalf of the other. Some marriages end without any disagreement and can lead to uncontested divorces. Others, however, are contested and may involve considerable negotiations and complexities despite the no-fault divorce that California allows.

The contested divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi are prepared for any divorce situation and believe in representing our clients' best interests by taking the time to understand their goals. We will dedicate ourselves to achieving the best possible outcome for you in a Los Angeles contested divorce.

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Contested Divorce May Be Your Only Option

While uncontested divorce saves a great deal of time and money for divorcing parties, it may not be the best option for everyone. Unless there is absolute agreement about every facet of child custody, support, property division and other aspects of the marriage, contested divorce may be necessary.

California Law has certain procedural requirements for granting any type of divorce and depending on the circumstances, various court documents will need to be filed for a contested divorce such as a petition asking the court to grant divorce, Declaration of Finances and others. Hearings and trial dates may also have to be requested and evidence and details will have to be gathered and effectively presented. A Los Angeles contested divorce attorney can help with every step of the process and offer guidance throughout.

Many divorce petitions start out with the intent of an uncontested divorce but these often develop into contested divorces. Los Angeles Contested Divorce Attorney Elena Mebtahi will assess the priorities of your personal situation, evaluate what is worth maintaining in an agreement and determine if an uncontested divorce serves your interests best. If a contested divorce is the best path forward and aggressive legal strategies are necessary, our law firm is more than prepared.

Whether a Los Angeles contested divorce or uncontested divorce is in your future, you need wise legal counsel from an attorney who will always put your needs first. No matter how complex your financial situation, your parental arrangement or how difficult your relationship with your soon-to-be former spouse may be, we are highly skilled Los Angeles contested divorce attorneys who know how to help you.

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“Attorney Mebtahi is no doubt the best!!!

My husband and I secured her for a bogus child support case he had from a previous marriage, and she saved us a total of $92(k).

From start to finish, she and her team were responsive. We were a bit apprehensive in the beginning since the case orginated out of California, thus requiring us to hire an attorney from there (even though we live in Missouri). Communication and trust were key since we relied on her to respond to all of our inquiries via phone and email, and trust that the money we authorized to be debited from our credit/debit cards would not be spent in vain.

For this reason, we highly recommend her services for any child support case that needs to be modified. Her professionalism, flexibility and attention to detail added to the successful outcome and we greatly appreciate working with someone of her knowledge and expertise.

Elena is the truth and definitely our California attorney!”