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Los Angeles Driver's License Suspension Attorney

License Suspension for Unpaid Tickets? Failure to Appear? Unpaid Child Support?

As an experienced Los Angeles driver's license suspension attorney, Elena Mebtahi knows how to confront any legal issue that has led to your license suspension. There are a wide variety of reasons why a driver's license may be suspended including:

  • Being arrested for DUI
  • Failing to appear at court
  • Failing to pay court-ordered child support
  • Driving a vehicle that is uninsured
  • Driving a vehicle while physically or mentally impaired

Whatever the reason for your license suspension, take action now and contact Los Angeles Driver's License Suspension Attorney Elena Mebtahi for the legal assistance you need to fight for your license and your right to drive.

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For many years Los Angeles Driver's License Suspension Attorney Elena Mebtahi has been focused on this very specific area of the law. She knows how to present your case in a positive light and put up a formidable fight to help you keep your license. This is important for every driver but may be especially important for commercial drivers. If you are a commercial driver, your livelihood may be at stake. You need an attorney who understands the high stakes involved. Contact the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi for the help you need.

Los Angeles Driver's License Suspension Attorney Elena Mebtahi focuses on fathers' rights, family law, warrant recalls, and driver's license issues. This refined focus has given her the skills necessary for cases in which family law, criminal law and issues with the California DMV overlap. If you find yourself in such a situation, a highly-qualified attorney with decades of experience may be exactly what you need.

Whether you are in the Los Angeles area or not, Los Angeles Driver's License Suspension Attorney Elena Mebtahi can represent you. Many of her clients are from throughout the United States and even from outside the country. If you need local legal representation in Los Angeles for driver's license issues, you may not have to return to Los Angeles. With Elena Mebtahi on your side, you may be able to stay at home while she addresses your legal challenges in Los Angeles. An unresolved legal issue can burden you wherever you may be. Call Elena Mebtahi to confront your legal challenges so you can move on with your life and before you face more serious consequences.

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“I contacted Elena Mebtahi's office in desperate need of help in a child support issue. I was wrongly accused of not taking care of my kids. The mother wanted me to lose my license and go to jail and pay a very large amount of back child support. Elena Mebtahi took on my case and made me feel at ease when we went to court. All charges were dropped, I have my license back and my life is now without worries. I recommend all fathers who have been wrongly accused of child support issues contact Elena Mebtahi You won't be disappointed. ”