Published: November 30, -0001

3 Facts you May Not Know about Child Support & Child Support Arrearages

If you ever find yourself faced with a potential child support or child support arrearages situation, how can you tell the difference between myth and reality? Film and television love to focus on who is taking care of children in their storylines but they very rarely showcase how support is established for the child.  Here are three facts that you may not know about child support in California.

1. Child support payments are not pre-established.

If you find yourself faced with a potential child support situation, having a qualified lawyer working with you will help to educate you on your rights and give you advice about the options that you have. In the state of California, there is no set amount that is required by law to be paid for child support. The amount of child support that you may need to pay is calculated using a variety of factors including current income, time spent with the child, etc..

2. Child support payments CAN be changed.

Sometimes you are going to experience unexpected twists and turns in your life.  Loss of employment and illness are just a few of these events that have the potential to change your current situation.  When life changes happen an experienced child support lawyer can help guide you on what you need to do in order to get your child support payment amounts changed.

3. Verbal Agreements could potentially cost you a lot of money in the future.

You may have a good relationship with your child's mother or father that you are paying child support to, but unfortunately these relationships can change over time.  While a verbal agreement may seem like a good idea at the time, this can turn into a "He said/She said" situation and cost you a lot of money in arrearages in the future.  By letting an experienced child support lawyer help you get these agreements properly documented, you are not only protecting yourself but you are also showing that you have the child's best interest in mind.

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