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Divorcing as a Stay-at-Home Parent

Thursday, November 30, 2017
Divorcing as a Stay-at-Home Parent

Often one parent can give up their career to raise children. This is not because they have to, but often because they want to. They want to make sure that their child grows up with their attention and love, but sometimes that same love can wither between you and your spouse. However, some stay-at-home parents may worry about divorcing after not being in the workforce before so long, but here are some divorce tips to consider.

  • Look Over Your Financials – You will want access to your family's finances, not so much because you believe your ex-spouse may be squirreling money away, but rather to know where you stand. How much will you need to live and take care of your children? While you will likely have to return to work, it is good to consult a lawyer on how much alimony you can expect.
  • Know Your Skills – When looking for a new job, it is important to know your skill set. If you worked on highly technical jobs before, your old work skills may be a bit out of date. However, being a stay at home parent may have given you a whole new useful set of skills like being organized or working well with children.
  • Balance Your Time – While searching for a job will often mean you are away from your kids, you need to remember to balance your time. You were a major influence in their lives and with you suddenly gone, it can be difficult. Even if you are tired, be sure to make time for them.

If you are a stay-at-home parent going through a divorce, contact us today. The Law Office of Elena Mebtahi can make sure you get what is fairly yours in the divorce.