Published: September 6, 2016

Family Law And Spousal Support For Men

Some men might be concerned that they will be at a disadvantage in family law matters, but the court's opinions have shifted with modern times when it comes to divorce, child custody and alimony. This means a man may be entitled to custody, child support or spousal support when dissolving a marriage in Los Angeles. The recent split between actress Kaley Cuoco and tennis player Ryan Sweeting highlights this as Cuoco is set to pay $1650,000 to Sweeting.

The Settlement Agreement

The Big Bang Theory actress met and wed the retired tennis player quickly, and their marriage ended after almost two years. The couple had a prenuptial agreement where they agreed upon the amount Cuoco would pay and that Sweeting will not receive spousal support. Cuoco will also pay more than $9,000 for legal services on Sweeting's behalf relating to their prenup along with other attorney fees up to $55,000. The couple's Santa Barbara beach house and Tarzana home will both go to Cuoco.

Spousal Maintenance Options

Couples might decide to create a prenuptial agreement before marriage as this document is intended to protect both parties. Prenups outline support obligations to assist the lower wage earner while also ensuring that the higher wage earner will not face devastating financial consequences if a divorce occurs. A man who was in a marriage lasting longer than two years might receive a larger portion of a spouse's income. He may also want to ask for spousal support payments. A father could receive both alimony and child support if he is the primary caregiver for a child or children.

There are many variables that could influence a settlement agreement, so contact us to find out about your options when going through a divorce.