Published: January 6, 2017

Family Law: Four Tips to Help Your Adopted Child Adjust

Adopting a child can be a chance to have the family you always wanted but couldn’t have. Most people want babies so that they easily fit into their lives. However, older children need love and families too. They can be a bit more challenging and require some adjustments.

Here are some tips to help your adopted child adjust to your home.

  • Expect a period of adjustment. It is going to take time for your adopted child to adjust to you and your home. It is important that you know this and don’t push him or her.
  • Let your child know that you are there for him or her. Your new child needs to learn that you will be there for him or her, no matter what. Make sure that you give him or her plenty of attention, without overwhelming him or her.
  • Make your child comfortable. Ask around before you bring your new child home. Is he or she used to certain bedding? Any favorite toys? What routine is he or she used to? If you are better prepared for your child, he or she will feel more at home.
  • Don’t overwhelm him or her with elaborate welcome home parties. Even though you are going to be excited to show your new child off to your entire family and friends, wait a few weeks. Let him or her settle in and get comfortable before overwhelming him or her with a big party.

Adopting an older child can be quite a blessing, though it often comes with some challenges and an adjustment period. However, with some love and attention, you may struggle to remember a time without him or her in your life!

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