Published: March 12, 2015

Father's Rights in the Divorce and Custody Process

Unfortunately, divorce is all too common in modern society. The rate of divorce in the United State ranges from 25-50%, depending on the source of the information, but regardless of the exact number, divorce is always a traumatic and stressful event that can result in financial and emotional hardship.

If you are going through a separation or divorce and there are children involved, understanding the father's rights in the divorce and custody process is important for all parties involved. Both men and women need to have a clear understanding of the other's rights in the divorce process to ensure fairness for all parties involved. Areas to research should include: paternity resolution, child custody, visitation, child support and child support arrearages, and civil consequence of non-payment of child support, among others. Laws and regulations regarding these issues vary by state, so it is important to find an attorney who specializes in the laws in your area.

If you are involved in a divorce or custody case, please contact us for help in negotiating the process. Here at the law offices of Elena Mebtahi, we specialize in all areas of family law, including custody and visitation rights and resolution of child support issues such as child support arrears and child support modification. Taking steps now to resolve custody and child support issues will avert potential misunderstandings and result in fewer conflicts.

Divorce is never easy. Take preventative measures today to ensure your protection so that you can in turn protect those whom you love.