Published: November 30, -0001

Fathers' Rights Under the Law

With the high rate of divorce looming large, fathers' rights are a concern for many. Fathers have the right to be consulted when their child is about to be put up for adoption or to intervene if custody issues arise or in the event that their rights to visitation are not honored by the other parent.

Parental Leave is your right

As a father, you have the right to twelve weeks of paid leave when your child is born. Research has shown that both parents being present for the first twelve weeks after birth child has long-term benefits for the entire family, not just the baby.

The right to shape your family

If the mother wishes to put the child up for adoption, the father has a right to step in and request custody from the courts. However, only the mother has the legal right to pursue abortion, the father has no rights to "push" for one. Even if the father is adamantly against the child being born, he is still responsible for child support.

Time with your child

Once a court approves something known as a parenting time agreement, you have the right to visit and spend time with your child. It's not unheard of for one parent to interfere with visitation rights in various ways. For instance, by choosing not to give the child physical access to the other parent, or deliberately sabotaging attempts at communication between parent and child. In very severe cases, parental interference with visitation rights canbe considered a felony.

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