Published: November 30, -0001

Four Reasons To Hire a Lawyer With Surrogacy

Many people who are unable to have babies turn to surrogacy. As wonderful as it can be to have a child (even if it has to be carried by someone else), there can be many complications throughout the whole process. For this reason, it is important to always use a lawyer who specializes in family law to represent you, the parents.

Here are some reasons to hire a lawyer with surrogacy.

  • They have experience with the whole process. It can be an emotional and confusing time, especially for those couples who are unable to have a child on their own. A lawyer will be able to answer any of your questions prior to starting surrogacy, as well as the cost and any issues that may arise.
  • It can be hard to find a surrogate so a lawyer may have contacts already. Many times, a lawyer already has a list of potential surrogates who have already been checked out, speeding up the process.
  • If not, they have the ability to run background checks and references to help you find a surrogate. You have to be careful who you choose as a surrogate so it can be helpful to have someone on your side to pick out potential ones. They also have professionals who they can use to help further screen the potential surrogates.
  • A relationship can also be tricky during pregnancy as well as after the birth. A lawyer can help you determine the relationship between a parent and surrogate. Some parents want to be very involved in their surrogate’s life, especially doctor’s appointments. You also have to consider the relationship that will happen between the surrogate, parents, and child. Some surrogates want to bein the child’s life while other times the parents don’t want them too.

By hiring a lawyer, you are more likely to get what you want – a child of your own. Often, prior to surrogacy, parents have exhausted so many resources to have a child that it can become quite emotional. However, a lawyer will help you stay objective so you can finally hold your own child!

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