Published: December 2, 2015

High Age Gap Increases Risk of Divorce

According to a new study, when spouses have a minimum age gap of 10 years between them, they have a higher risk of divorce. The divorce risk was 39% higher, compared to spouses that had a lower age gap between them.

The intriguing results of the study were released recently, and do not act as evidence that a higher age gap automatically translates into a higher risk of divorce. However, the researchers draw attention to the fact that when there is a large age gap between the spouses, that could cause friction, especially when it comes to communication. An older spouse is much more likely to deal with life events very differently, and deal with life's problems in a different manner. A younger spouse could be more impulsive, and more likely to act in the heat of the moment. That could possibly lay the groundwork for marital friction.

According to the researchers, these age-related problems can be handled appropriately right before the marriage. Talk about your age difference before you get married, and whether you believe or fear that it could be a problem after you are married. For instance, if your partner is much older, he may not want children while you do, and such differences are definitely deal breakers.

Also prepare for the fact that other people will have a lot of snarky comments to pass about the two of you. Understand this, accept it, and decide that you will not let it affect you.

Never use your age as an excuse for any marital troubles - you may find that your age was never a problem, but you made it one.

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