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Is a Collaborative Divorce Right for You?

Divorce can be a chaotic and difficult process. What you need are facts, and competent legal counsel to help oversee every step of the way.

How a collaborative divorce can help you

Divorce doesn't always have to play out in the courts. You and your spouse have the option to pursue a collaborative divorce. In other words, this is the settlement option and will save you time, money, and unnecessary headaches if you and your ex-spouse are able to compromise on difficult subjects. Not to mention, your children will be spared the trauma of seeing their parents in a protracted conflict.

Choosing the collaborative option also allows both parties to air out their grievances in a relatively relaxed setting, which might positively influence the outcome.

How does it work?

A collaborative divorce starts by both sides hiring a lawyer. That is, each side will be represented by an attorney. However, make sure that the vetting process for a legal professional focuses on someone who has experience with mediation and negotiations rather than someone with a reputation for ferocity in the courtroom.

After you've chosen the attorney who you think will best represent your interests, you should explain what areas are negotiable and which aren't. What follows will be a meeting between you, your spouse, and the attorneys from each side. Other professionals such as accountants or child support specialists may attend these proceedings in order to facilitate negotiations in an unbiased way.

If both spouses are having difficulty agreeing to reasonable terms, then a licensed mediator can help negotiations get on the right track again. Mediators are trained to help both parties come to mutually satisfying resolutions as quickly as possible.

You need an expert

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