Published: November 30, -0001

Lessons from Mary J. Blige's Divorce

Music fans and those going through a divorce might like to know more about the end of Mary J. Blige’s marriage to Martin Isaacs. The couple filed for divorce in July 2016, and Isaac’s requested $129,319 in alimony every month. That might make the $30,000 Blige was ordered to pay instead look small in comparison, but the singer is likely not happy with this decision as Isaac’s waived the right to spousal support when the couple signed a prenuptial agreement.

The judge assigned spousal support so that Isaacs can enjoy a similar standard of living as he did when married, which is normal for divorce cases. Between attorney’s fees for her ex and retroactive payments, Blige might owe around an additional $200,000.

While it seems like money might not matter to a musician as talented and successful as Mary J. Blige, the entertainer is reportedly deeply in debt. Blige said she owes millions of dollars because of tax issues and no profit from a European tour. Blige also may not want to support Isaacs anymore after she claimed he spent more than $400,000 when traveling with another woman while married to Blige.

There are several lessons one can learn from Blige’s marital woes.

1) It’s important to create a fair prenuptial agreement. A prenup can protect the more successful spouse’s assets while still providing for the other spouse. However, a prenup could be unenforceable if it favors one party too heavily.

2) The circumstances of a divorce could influence the proceedings. If one partner does something like cheating or breaking the law, this might be taken into consideration by a judge.

3) A judge’s orders are not always set in stone. If a change of circumstance occurs, you can ask the court for a modification. This could be necessary if you lose your job or fall ill and can no longer make payments at the same rate.

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