Published: November 30, -0001

Our Experienced Family Law Attorney Explains Child Custody Character References

If you are going through a child custody case, one thing that may be asked of you is to provide character references, from someone close to you, to outline the interactions witnessed between you and your child. This allows the court to have a better understanding of the living environment the child lives in, and to justify that the child is healthy, secure and safe.

When asking someone to write a character reference letter for you, have them come up with a list of some the personality traits of being a good parent, such as loving, caring and nurturing. The letter writer should provide specific examples that he has witnessed between you and your child, such as your time volunteering at your child’s school, allowing your child to engage in sport or art activities, and how you maintain a healthy home life. The letter can also outline personal observations, such as your attentiveness to medical conditions and illness of the child or the cleanliness of your home.  

The character reference letter should also include details about how the letter writer know or relates you. Details about how you and the letter writer met, how you are related or how long you’ve known each other provides credibility to the statements the letter writer provides in his letter.

If a child custody case is in your future, consult with an experienced Family Law attorney, who can review your circumstances and properly guide you through the process. Child custody cases are never easy, so contact us today to learn how we can help you get through this difficult time.