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How to Get a Warrant Recalled From Out-of-State

Thursday, November 09, 2017
How to Get a Warrant Recalled From Out-of-State

If you have a bench warrant out on your name, then the only way to take care of it is to turn yourself into the court and address the cause of the warrant in the first place. However, sometimes incidents happen in other states and we have to return home before we address the warrant or even before it was issued. So is there a way to take care of a bench warrant from another state?

The short and likely unwelcome answer is usually no. No matter if you have a warrant out in New York and you live all the way in Los Angeles, you are going to have to travel across the country to take care of it. While rare, there are some cases where you can hire a lawyer to represent your rights in court while you are still absent, but that also depends on the type of warrant that is out on your name. For example, a warrant to pay fines may be able to be dealt with through lawyer representation, specifically because the warrant is often dismissed when the amount is paid in full. However, a felony warrant will always require your presence before the court.

Regardless of what sort of warrant you are dealing with or whether or not you have to appear in person, you should always invest a knowledgeable attorney to make sure your rights are fairly carried out. If you want to make sure your warrant recall goes as smoothly as possible, contact us today.