Published: January 9, 2016

Warrant Recalls & Failure to Appear Notices: What Do I Do Now?!

Whether you neglected to appear in court because of justifiable circumstances or simple forgetfulness, receipt of a failure to appear notice is jarring for most people. Consequences of failing to appear in court include bail imposition, bench warrant issuance, and driver license suspension depending on the nature of the citation. Uh-oh… what do I do now?!

What is a Failure to Appear Notice?

Generally, a failure to appear means you have not appeared in court to address a particular matter. California residents receive a failure to appear notice for issues such as unpaid traffic tickets, failure to complete all the requirements of a DUI conviction or a minor traffic offense. Further, the failure to appear in court is in itself a misdemeanor!

What is a Warrant Recall?

If you have failed to appear in court, a bench warrant may issue and require law enforcement to find you and bring you to court. While waiting for a court appearance, you may even be held without bail! A warrant recall can help you avoid consequences of such warrants. The Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi focus on warrant recalls related to driving with a suspended license, failing to comply with court orders, and failing to appear in court. There is no need to face the serious and lasting consequences of an arrest when an attorney can help you take legal action.

Know Your Defenses to a Failure to Appear

There are several legal defenses used to challenge a failure to appear: (1) that you did not willfully fail to appear when required to do so; (2) that you did not have the required intent to evade court proceedings; and (3) that you did not sign an agreement when you were released on your own recognizance. A skilled attorney like Elena Mebtahi helps clients each day to wade through difficult statutory terminology and effectively raise legal defenses to fight the charges.

Hire an Attorney to Protect Your Rights

There is no need to endure license suspension, fines or arrest because of a failure to appear. However, many California residents do not know the intricacies of traffic violations across the state. Many have never been in front of a judge or arrested pursuant to a warrant. Experienced Los Angeles attorney Elena Mebtahi understands how different California jurisdictions handle warrant recalls and failure to appear notices. We help clients all over the nation resolve their legal challenges. Contact The Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi to preserve your rights and put your life back on track.