Published: November 30, -0001

What Happens When You Fail to Appear In Court

Anytime that you are summoned to court and do not show up (no matter the reason), it is considered a failure to appear. You can get in just as much trouble (or more) by not showing up for your court date. You will face more fines, fees, and even a potential bench warrant.

Here are some things that may happen if you fail to appear in court.

  • If you are ever pulled over for anything, there is a good chance you will be arrested when the police looks your information up.
  • You may have to pay more fines and fees.
  • You may face a criminal offense with additional charges.
  • Many times, no matter what you did originally, you will lose your license until everything is settled. This could take weeks or even months until your case is finalized. You then will have to pay extra fees to get your license back.
  • You may be denied bail.

Failure to appear in court is not a small thing. You will get in a lot more trouble if you don’t bother to show up to court, even if it is just a small traffic ticket. Everyone takes it very seriously and you can be hit with extra fees and fines. You may even get arrested if you get pulled over. Many times, you will lose your license and then have to pay hefty fees to get it back.

No matter what you did, it is not worth failing to show up in court. Show up, do your time or pay the fine, and get on with your life.

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