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Divorcing Parents: Get the Facts About Child Custody

Get Answers from Experienced Custody Lawyers in Los Angeles

If you are seeking an experienced custody lawyer in Los Angeles, call Family Law Attorney Elena Mebtahi at 310-207-4005. She has represented clients from throughout California, the United States and the world as they navigate the California Family Court System. In fact, one of her areas of focus includes representing family law clients who reside outside of California but who have legal issues pending in California.

Whether you reside in the Los Angeles area or not, you have an ally in Los Angeles Custody Lawyer Elena Mebtahi. If you are a parent going through a divorce, you need answers to a wide variety of questions. You need those answers from someone who has the legal experience necessary but who also has the compassion to truly understand the challenges you face. Call now to get the facts about child custody and to get answers to all of your questions including:

  • Do mothers or fathers have a greater chance of getting primary custody?
  • If I live in one state but my children live in another, how does this impact visitation and custody?
  • How does the court decide what is in the best interests of the child?
  • How is “primary caregiver” defined?
  • How does child support impact custodial privileges?
  • What are the differences between physical custody and sole custody?
  • What steps can I take to improve my chances of getting primary custody?

You may have many other questions as well. Child Custody Attorney Elena Mebtahi has answers. Contact our office for a free consultation.

Child Custody Guidance for Mothers and Fathers

As a divorcing parent, you may be tremendously concerned about how your divorce will impact your children. Of course there is legal paperwork and negotiations that must be conducted but your attorney should also understand the emotional and personal challenges that divorcing parents face. Elena Mebtahi offers skilled legal guidance and is an attentive attorney who takes the time to listen to the concerns of her clients. You will never be treated simply as a number at our law firm.

For over a decade, Los Angeles Attorney Elena Mebtahi has been representing mothers and fathers struggling with child custody and divorce issues. She has represented clients who are divorcing on amicable terms and she has represented clients who have extremely rancorous relationships. While every case is unique, Elena Mebtahi has experience to draw upon. She knows what has worked in the past to achieve desired outcomes. She will use her vast resources to help minimize your costs and your emotional challenges while diligently pursuing the child custody agreement you seek.

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What Our Clients Say

“Attorney Mebtahi is no doubt the best!!!

My husband and I secured her for a bogus child support case he had from a previous marriage, and she saved us a total of $92(k).

From start to finish, she and her team were responsive. We were a bit apprehensive in the beginning since the case orginated out of California, thus requiring us to hire an attorney from there (even though we live in Missouri). Communication and trust were key since we relied on her to respond to all of our inquiries via phone and email, and trust that the money we authorized to be debited from our credit/debit cards would not be spent in vain.

For this reason, we highly recommend her services for any child support case that needs to be modified. Her professionalism, flexibility and attention to detail added to the successful outcome and we greatly appreciate working with someone of her knowledge and expertise.

Elena is the truth and definitely our California attorney!”