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Elena Mebtahi is a highly experienced Los Angeles attorney for child support arrearages. She has been representing parents in California, across the nation and throughout the world for more than 15 years who are past due on child support payments. For answers to your questions and experienced guidance from a skilled Los Angeles attorney for child support arrearages, call 310-207-4005 for a free consultation. No matter what challenges you face, you have an advocate in Los Angeles Attorney Elena Mebtahi:

  • Are you facing an unfair child support order that you are unable to afford?
  • Have your wages been garnished?
  • Has your license been suspended?
  • Have you tried to catch up on your payments but you just keep falling behind?
  • Has the State of California taken action against you because your child support is in arrears?

It is important to understand your rights as a parent and the options you have to find a plan that works for you and your children. Whether you are in Los Angeles or live outside of California or the United States, for experienced legal representation for back-due child support arrearages, contact the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi.

The Consequences of Past Due Child Support

There are a wide variety of issues that come with child support arrearages. We are ready to find a solution that works for you. Because our law firm is so experienced in this area of the law, there is no case too complex for us to handle and no challenge we cannot help you confront.

  • Put an End to Wage Garnishment: California may garnish up to 50% of your paycheck. We seek to reduce wage garnishments so that so you can earn a livable wage. Furthermore, your garnishment order may not have been served correctly; this may lead to complete dismissal.
  • Request a Child Support Modification: If you have changed jobs or lost work, you may be eligible for a child support modification. It is important to act now to get the order modified because orders changed years down the road are not retroactive. Furthermore, you cannot casually modify your support order. The court must approve a modification or you face serious consequences.
  • Get your License back or Avoid License Suspension: Can you no longer work because your license has been suspended as a result of your failure to pay support? We will get you on a payment plan and work to get your license reinstated.
  • Establish Paternity: We can arrange a paternity test to insure you are only paying child support for your own children.

If you fail to pay your child support, you may face significant penalties. Failure to pay can lead to a year in jail and/or a $2000 fine on top of any back-due child support. Our Los Angeles attorney for child support arrearages can help you challenge misdemeanor charges by demonstrating that your reasons for failing to pay in a timely manner were not willful. In many cases, we may be able to represent you without you ever having to come to a Los Angeles courtroom. We also charge reasonable flat fees no matter where you are in the world. Call the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi for a highly experienced and skilled Los Angeles attorney for child support arrearages.

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“I contacted Elena Mebtahi's office in desperate need of help in a child support issue. I was wrongly accused of not taking care of my kids. The mother wanted me to lose my license and go to jail and pay a very large amount of back child support. Elena Mebtahi took on my case and made me feel at ease when we went to court. All charges were dropped, I have my license back and my life is now without worries. I recommend all fathers who have been wrongly accused of child support issues contact Elena Mebtahi You won't be disappointed. ”