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“Attorney Mebtahi is no doubt the best!!!
My husband and I secured her for a bogus child support case he had from a previous marriage, and she saved us a total of $92(k).
From start t...”

Tonya W.  July 2014

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Southern California Attorney for Out-of-State Clients

Driver's License Issues, Family Law, Warrant Recalls and More

If you are having legal issues in Southern California but you reside outside of California, contact a Southern California attorney for out-of-state clients. You may have received numerous traffic tickets while visiting California. You may have legal challenges related to custody in California. A warrant may have been issued for your arrest by a California court. You may have been arrested for DUI while in Southern California. No matter what legal challenges you face and no matter where you reside, if you need a Southern California attorney with extensive experience helping out-of-state clients, call Attorney Elena Mebtahi.

Call 310-207-4005 for a free and confidential consultation with an attorney who focuses on clients from outside of California. The Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi represents clients from throughout Southern California, from throughout the United States and from across the globe. Just a sample of the types of legal issues we focus upon for out-of-state clients:

No matter how serious your legal challenges and no matter where you are calling from, the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi is on your side and prepared to defend your rights.

Legal Challenges in California Will Follow you

Many visitors and former residents of California believe, once they leave the state, any traffic violations or criminal law challenges they face can be left behind. This is a pernicious belief. While moving to another state or being a resident of another state or country may delay the legal process, eventually the law will almost certainly catch up. The longer a legal issue goes unresolved, the more serious the penalties.

Interest and penalties on unpaid fines can multiply. Unpaid traffic tickets and other fines can damage your credit score. Arrest warrants issued in California may be enforced in other states. Driver license holds and other restrictions imposed in California can take effect in other states. Custody and child support issues are taken very seriously in every state and authorities will enforce court orders.

Do not take the chance. Do not let your legal issues in California haunt you. Call Elena Mebtahi for a Southern California attorney with the experience to help you overcome your legal challenges. Call now for a no obligation consultation and to get answers to your questions about California law.