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My husband and I secured her for a bogus child support case he had from a previous marriage, and she saved us a total of $92(k).
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Tonya W.  July 2014

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Los Angeles Failure to Appear Lawyer

Failing to Appear in Court may Lead to Serious Penalties

If you are seeking a Los Angeles failure to appear lawyer, do not wait to call Los Angeles Failure to Appear Lawyer Elena Mebtahi at 310-207-4005. The sooner you obtain aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation, the sooner you can fight to have your rights protected. No matter what the reason may be for your failure to appear in court, Elena Mebtahi is prepared to help you confront your legal challenges. She has been representing clients facing failure to appear legal issues for the last fifteen years and is prepared for whatever legal challenges you face.

Some of the clients who contact Los Angeles Failure to Appear Lawyer Elena Mebtahi are from outside of California or even outside of the United States. Some are completely shocked when they receive a notice indicating that they failed to appear in court. Some clients are at risk of losing their driver's licenses. Others have had arrest warrants issued for them due to a failure to appear.

Contact Elena Mebtahi for a free consultation about your failure to appear challenges. Regardless of the reason for your challenges, Elena Mebtahi is prepared to help.

Fight to Keep your License, Stay out of Jail, Avoid Fines

Nobody wants to lose his or her driver's license or deal with an arrest warrant especially because of seemingly innocent traffic tickets. However, this happens frequently to drivers in the Los Angeles area.

If you have tickets that you haven't paid, or if you failed to appear in court, your license can be suspended, a warrant can be issued for your arrest and you can be charged with a misdemeanor. If you are experiencing any of these difficulties, get the help of an attorney who knows exactly how to deal with them.

At the Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi, we can help you get your license back or get a warrant recalled quickly. Los Angeles Failure to Appear Lawyer Elena Mebtahi can represent you if:

  • You received a letter from the DMV stating that your license will be taken away.
  • You failed to appear in court in response to a traffic violation.
  • You have multiple unpaid traffic tickets and have failed to appear in court to resolve them.
  • You failed to complete the requirements of a DUI conviction.
  • You have failed to comply with the terms of a plea bargain previously entered into.
There is no situation too challenging for us to handle. Experience, knowledge and a record of success give us the resources we need to help you. There is no need to face the possibilities of a license suspension, jail, fines or other penalties on your own. You have an ally in Los Angeles Failure to Appear Lawyer Elena Mebtahi. She will take actions such as:
  • Appearing in court on your behalf to let a judge hear your side of the case
  • Demonstrating that you intend to deal with your traffic violations
  • Presenting your case and attempting to recall any arrest or outstanding warrants and the release of the hold on your driver's license
  • Setting a court date and forming an action plan for minimizing fines and points on your DMV record
  • Providing capable traffic violation defense by taking your case to trial
Each failure to appear charge may be treated differently in terms of arrest warrants, severity of fines and other consequences. When you have had several tickets, do not just go ahead and pay them; you will generally accrue one point per ticket. You can quickly accrue four points in 12 months and lose your license for a year. Los Angeles Failure to Appear Lawyer Elena Mebtahi understands how different courts, judges and jurisdictions typically deal with these matters — and she will help resolve your problems as efficiently and affordably as possible.