Published: November 30, -0001

Family Law: Are You Facing Paternity And Child Support Issues?

There have been many family law cases involving paternity and child support. In many cases, it can be really difficult to establish paternity. There have been many cases of paternity fraud, and this can complicate things even more than they already are.

There are a variety of ways to establish paternity fraud. When a man has a previous relationship with a woman and he has not seen her in years, he can be named as the father of a child. If he cannot be located by the court system, he may be ordered to pay child support. Not only will there be a child support order, there will also be a judgment against him for not showing up to court.

There are also many men who believe they are the biological father because they are not aware their spouse was unfaithful. Sometimes DNA evidence may not be enough to stop you from paying child support.

There are many fathers who are paying child support and they are not the biological father. When anyone is the victim of paternity fraud, it can take a huge tool, especially financially, mentally, and emotionally. It can also be difficult when the father wants to have a relationship with a child, but he is unable to prove he is the father.

Children deserve to have both parents in their lives. After paternity has been proven, the father may have the opportunity to ask for visitation rights and other arrangements. Contact us today if you are facing any paternity issues.